Camp map

The “Gobi Mirage” camp is located in Tsagaan Tolgoi, in the east of Govi Gurvan Saikhan National Park, South-Gobi province.
“Gobi Mirage” camp located in: N 43º48’34.3″
E 103º54’52.7″

Location of the Gobi Mirage camp is:
• Beautiful /nice scenery in the distance/
• Close /20 minutes drive from Juulchin Gobi airport/
• Peaceful / birds are just outside of ger/
• Quite environment /away from road/Our camp about 580 km from Ulaanbaatar in the south-west and 50 km fromDalanzadgad, center of South-Gobi province. It is specific that the tourist camp is located in the middle of best destinations in the Gobi area and after morning trip our clients are able to have a lunch and rest at the camp at the same time and then you can continue trip again.