Camel festival

Mongolia held a camel festival over the weekend (6-8Mar), attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.

In the two-day festival held in central Mongolia, more than 100 camels from South Gobi Province and East Gobi Province took part in camel racing and camel ball.

The most thrilling part of the festival was a race among camels strictly trained for the match. In this year’s festival, camels raced for 12 kilometers at a speed matching galloping horses.

amels are taller and have more endurance than horses. They can walk more than 50 kilometers one day and can run very fast. Camel racing has become one of the most beautiful scenery in the country.

Camel, called “cattle king” by steppe nomads, has played a special role in the life of the Mongolian people. Nowadays, camels as a means of transportation have been replaced by modern transportation, but camel racing has become popular among herdsmen.

There are about 500,000 Bactrian camels in the world, and 300,000 of them are in Mongolia. The government has encouraged camel breeding in recent years.

The festival also featured trade fairs on camel milk, camel hair products and other camel-related commodities.

Where Mongolia (Dalanzadgad city, Umnogovi aimag, Mongolia) When 07 March 2016 BC The largest camel race involved 1,108 participants and was achieved by The Administrative Office of the Governor of Umnogovi aimag (Mongolia), in Dalanzadgad city, Umnogovi aimag, Mongolia, on 7 March 2016. The race was just over 15 km long with the fastest finishing in 35 min 12 sec and the whole race completed in 1 hr 8 min. The race was organized with the purpose of increasing the population/use of domestic Bactrian camels in Mongolia.

Event date: 06-07 March, 2015

Venue: Bulgan soum, Umnugobi province

The festival program includes camels racing, local children’s concert, camel wool product exhibition, camel polo, parade on camels and nice couple competition. Also you will enjoy a relay competition with camel and an entertaining competition which shows camel training methods and customs of “Heroes of great Gobi”. Teams each having 5 members participate in it and show many methods and techniques of catching camel with lasso, tying and bringing down, putting wooden peg into camel’s nose and loading camel. Other highlight is visit to significant paleontological and cultural sites in the Gobi.

Truly, in these days we will “breathe” by camels. Joining this magnificent festival will take you into a rare and unique opportunity to enjoy & interact with these amazing animals, and to take part in the camel herders’ nomadic lifestyle.