Aero mongolia winter flight schedule

The Aero Mongolia Company performed first flight domestically in 2003 and now staff consists of over 130 employees and officers well equipped with up-to-date technologies and owns 2 pieces of “Fokker-50” aircrafts which’s 50 seats and made in 1992 and 2 pieces of “Fokker-100” model aircrafts has a 100 seats and made in 1992 and totally 4 aircrafts and performing the flight for 4 destinations internationally and 12 destinations domestically as well as National airline. We are cooperating with worldly well-known manufacturers of the Prat Vitne service, AAP service, Fokker service, Rolls Rojas, Dotti propellers, Contact Air, Kai, Alteon Boeing, Honey well and the oxford aviation academy.

      The world quality committee evaluated the effort and hard working of the Aero Mongolia company staff and granted the prestigious award of the “white golden star” for keeping the passenger and customers satisfaction highly and showed reliable and safety service to them and bestowal ceremony held in Paris city, France on the date of September 22, 2008. We won the “Golden star” nomination in 2006 and stepped forward to next stage and won the prize is one of the important events for our staff and even Mongolian airlines history.

     We are going to distribute own effort and success for Mongolian airlines field and working honestly pursuant with aviation and board security standard as well as going to show comfortable, polite, fast service as a high class company.

Destination Saturday Period


ULN-DLZ 08:00-09:30
DLZ-ULN 10:00-11:30